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Katharina is the creator of Serving Life and Thriving Lives & Businesses. She is passionate about bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society to transform lives, businesses and ultimately society to a holistic way of being.

Having studied with indigenous shamans and elders in Europe, Mongolia and Peru since her teenage years, she continues to explore conscious expansion wherever she finds it. Katharina is an accomplished management consultant with 15+ years experience advising senior executives in Wealth Management on organizational transformation and business (re)modelling.

As an engaging workshop facilitator and consultant, she uses her full skill set to create a powerful, effective and compelling experience for her clients. Being as comfortable in boardrooms as she is in wild nature, Katharina is an absolutely free spirit who strives beyond preconceived ideas, beliefs and life choices. By guiding people through their own authentic experiences, she empowers them to transform their lives and businesses - be it to explore the depths of one’s being, or to shape multi-national organizations. Her own practice is deeply rooted in the forces and cycles of nature, the wisdom of her ancestors, and the joy of dancing with life through time and space.

Katharina lives near Geneva, Switzerland, and travels internationally (English, French, German and Spanish). Find out more here.