At the Heart of Creation

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Experience life and give it expression!

Ultimately, we all want to create the life of our dreams, right? We want to live a life full of joy, happiness, contentment, depth, truth and authenticity.

For each one of us this is different, as there are no two lives that are alike. Your life path is a deeply personal and individual journey that leads you to your core and into the mysteries of life itself. It is there that you become the creator of your own life.

This practice offers experiences and guidance to awaken the power of creation and to ignite the joy of creation within yourself. It provides you with an opportunity to create from the innermost part of your being and to shape your everyday reality as an expression of it. Experience life as a symbiosis of the ordinary with the extra-ordinary!

Merging the magical with the mundane

  • Creation myths and the cycle of life, death and rebirth

  • Micro- & macrocosmos and concepts of harmony and change

  • Hermetic wisdom, alchemy and mystery

  • Dance of life (male and female divine) and the power of sexual energy

  • Performing ceremony