Be(come) Yourself:


Upcoming course

4 Days intensive - Sept 5 to 8

Find out who you truly are and why everything that happens in your life serves your purpose

We live in a time when a tremendous amount of knowledge is at our fingertips. Ancient wisdom is now not only being scientifically proven, but also made publicly available. An ever-growing number of (online) courses provide it nowadays, but they rarely achieve deep transformation or lasting change.
Why is that? Because knowledge is just the beginning. It can only provide insight and (self-)realisation once it becomes an experience. Then it unfolds its true transformative power.

This aspect is an integral part of the ancient initiation paths that usually take years (if not a life-time) of dedicated study and follow a carefully crafted path. But our times and life styles are characterised by independence, a rapid pace of change, interconnectedness, exposure to foreign belief systems and new technologies that shape our learning and living.

How about a modern-day initiation path that not only acknowledges, but embraces these characteristics?

Self-exploration, self-healing and self-transformation

Your body, spirit, soul and being are your very own, built-in self-initiation path. They offer all you need to turn the knowledge and tools you’ve collected into insights, and to have the life-transforming experiences you’re looking for.

They are also your built-in framework for profound personal work. They provide the setting, tools and guidance all at once. And they are independent from any cultural background, beliefs or life styles.

Ready to start exploring, healing and transforming yourself?

What is offered in this course?

Be(come) Yourself includes 4 modules and is Serving Life’s most comprehensive course for self-evolution that unites the best tools & techniques from all signature practices.

  • Go on a journey to discover and empower yourself, applying what you find out through practical and hands-on exercises, changing your life step by step in the process

  • Explore your expansion by learning where and why we generally limit ourselves and how to overcome it

  • Get in tune with the language of your inner landscapes and outer reality and how they guide you through life

Inspiring insights and heartfelt sharing in circle interweave with moments of solitude and quietness. Support, guidance and personal exchanges accompany each participants’ individual journey. The group and work are held together by sacred ceremonies for transformation and healing.


  • Physical and energy body:

    • Mental, emotional, spiritual and astral levels

    • Chakras and aura

    • Senses, perceptions and intuition

  • Connect with nature: practices to sense the web of life and the flow of universal life force, receive healing and empowerment from nature and get initiated by the elements

  • Working with wounds, shields, masks, etc.

  • Physical aspects of your life: health, resources, living situation, etc.


  • Life path & purpose and your way of learning in this life (incarnations, karma and archetypes)

  • Connect with the cycle of life, death & rebirth:

    • Dark night of the soul (‘know thyself’)

    • Working with light, shadow and darkness

  • Working with blind spots, past life patterns, etc.

  • Soul aspects of your life: vocation and the myriad forms and shapes this plays out in real life


  • Consciousness and spiritual dimensions:

    • Altered states of consciousness

    • Observing your mind, beliefs, dreams, imagination and intentions

    • Embodying your spirit

  • Connect with the divine: practices to quiet down, center yourself, hollow out and expand

  • Working with definitions, beliefs, patterns, attachments, entanglements, etc.

  • Spiritual aspects of your life: inspiration, creative expression, belonging, etc.


  • Who am I? Your being as the union of body and spirit, created through soul incarnations

  • Your journey to wholeness, fulfillment and expansion:

    • Natural way of living and being in harmony

    • Change (and its drivers in your life)

    • Your essence & gifts and their expressions

  • Working with power and transformation

How to join?

This course is offered in different shapes and forms:

  • 4 or 7 days residential course, covering all 4 modules together

  • Year-long self-evolution course with 4 week-end modules and individual work in-between (with the ability to join at any module, all year round)

  • 1:1 mentorship or small private group events: in person or online (with full flexibility on dates and duration)

  • 3 or 4 days residential courses (I+II or III+IV)

Upcoming dates are announced at the top of this page. If you wish to take this course to another corner of this world to share with your community, please reach out to discuss.

Everyone is welcome, no previous knowledge or experience is required. Absolute beginners as well as experienced practitioners alike will get the guidance and support they need.


Details for the 4 days intensive course from Sept 5 to 8 will be announced soon. We’re currently scouting beautiful places in Switzerland, Southern Germany and France to find the perfect spot for this residential course. Please get in touch for further details.

The below prices are for the year-long series of 4 week-end modules in Geneva, Switzerland and include course fee, material and refreshments:

  • Each week-end module can be booked individually for CHF500.

  • The annual package contains all 4 modules at a discount for altogether CHF1.800 - to come full circle, participation to the 5th = 1st module after a year is free of charge!

Payment installments are possible. Please reach out if you’re interested.

Serving Life’s offer of ‘contribution based on your current means’ applies for this course. Instead of paying the full contribution upfront, you have the following options:

  • You can make an initial commitment of CHF340 for one week-end module and pay the rest when you can.

  • You pay CHF640 which covers your own full contribution and offers someone else the opportunity to participate too.

Please check the Pricing & Payments policy when taking one of these options.


Course Dates

For residential courses, 1:1 mentorship and more please see the ‘How to join’ section further below.

4 days intensive: Sept 5 to 8

Year-long series of 4 week-end modules: starting Feb 2020

Dates are subject to change.


“For many, many years I have been searching for the ways and means of connecting with Mother Earth. I search no more. I no longer borrow from other cultures, I now have the rituals and skills to propel myself along in this journey of growth and healing and connecting the worlds. I continue to work and develop the tools I was taught by you. No words can thank you enough.”

Renée, Canada


Qualia is a safe and sacred space for and a source of community, friendship, fun and growth. It offers a space to energise and balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to share, learn and teach with respect for the individuals and their perceptions. It is located in Pâquis and a 5-10min walk from Geneva Cornavin.

Your guide

Vita Katharina.jpg

Katharina is the creator of Serving Life and passionate about bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society. By guiding people through their own authentic experiences, she empowers them to transform their lives and businesses.

As an absolutely free spirit, she explores consciousness, the power of life and the potential of being human beyond preconceived ideas, beliefs or life choices.

More about Katharina here.


  • A minimum of 4 participants is needed for the course to take place.

  • Each participant is ultimately responsible for his/her own experience and personal safety during and after the course.

  • A deposit of CHF160 (30%) is required to secure a place.

  • Serving Life’s terms & conditions and pricing & payments policies apply.