Cosmic practices for holistic
living and healing


Upcoming module

Foundational practices - Geneva, May 1+22, JUNE 6+20 (Evening series)

Build a personal tool kit that works for you
and your life circumstances

Holistic living is something most people strive for nowadays - be it for health, for well-being, for performance, or for peace of mind. At its core, it touches all areas of our self, our life, and all our relations. And this usually comes with a healing quest. It requires us to pause and reflect upon our way of doing things, our choices and our impact in the world. And to then make the changes we believe in to live a better life.

Healing is creating harmony: be it within your body or mind, in your environment, in a relationship, in a life situation, or wherever else it is needed. Be it through self-healing, or through the assistance of practitioners, therapists or a community. The most simple and effective way to create harmony is by working with universal life force and consciousness in sacred space. Everything is vibration after all - so engaging with its energetic state is usually easier than at the physical level. Sounds surreal? Quantum physics scientifically proofs that your thoughts create your reality…

What is offered in this course?

Cosmic practices is a combination of 4 individual modules and is Serving Life’s most comprehensive course for energy practices and healing techniques that unites material from all signature practices.

The course shares simple tools for everyday life, as well as advanced healing and transformation techniques. It provides an opportunity for those who wish explore self-healing to build a personal tool kit. At the same time, experienced practitioners and therapists have the possibility to dive deeper and to enrich their tool kit by expanding their personal work and client practices.

All tools & techniques shared go beyond any protocol or belief. They are universal and essential - energy is “neutral” after all. Shamanic and animistic concepts as well as quantum medicine and holistic principles are used to provide an initial framework, and to illustrate examples. But they are only guidelines along the way. Everyone from any interdisciplinary background can learn, apply and integrate cosmic practices into their own way of living and healing.

I.Foundational practices for everyday life (1-Day or 4 evenings)

  • Grounding, connecting, centering, clearing

  • Web of life and sacred space

  • Gently exploring altered states of consciousness

  • Body, spirit, soul and Higher Self

  • Spirit guides and divination

  • Natural state of being and flow of life force

  • Energy, matter, intention, thoughts and actions

  • One’s healing gift

A full outline of the course content can be found here.

III. Healing in the multi-verse
(Fri Evening to Sun Afternoon)

  • Concepts of sanctity, conscious harmony, innate structure of life and the natural flow of energy

  • Developing a personal way of working with universal life force & consciousness

  • Exploring the essence of common healing techniques for extraction, soul retrieval, deposession, curse, ancestors & past lives, etc.

  • Healing ethics and the role of the healer

See Cosmos is a Sacred Space

II. broadening your perception
(Sat + Sun)

  • Concepts of universal life force & consciousness and the Three Treasures (Jing, Chi, Xen)

  • Animism, direct revelation and quantum medicine

  • Tool-free framework to explore and deepen altered states of consciousness

  • Practices to develop and deepen a interactive relationship with the multi-verse

  • Developing a personal way to hold sacred space and to work with the Web of Life to create harmony

See Nature is a Sanctuary and Navigating the Worlds

IV. 7 KEys of Transformation
(Fri Evening to Sun Afternoon)

  • Working with power, courage, fear, ego, free will, mind, consciousness, light, shadow and darkness

  • Paradigms of limitation and how to overcome them

  • Developing a personal practice for the 7 keys

  • Deepening the connection with your healing gift and strengthening how you bring it forth

  • Introduction into trance and Seidr

See At the Heart of Creation


Optional add-ons

Those who wish to dive deeper into some of the techniques can join the following workshops & trainings at a discount. More information can be found here.

  • Reiki training: 2-day workshops are offered to the participants of the Cosmic practices course to obtain Reiki certificates - discount already included in contribution shown below

    • Reiki I - III (self-treatment, treating others and advanced Reiki techniques): after Healing in the multi-verse

    • Reiki IV (Reiki master and teaching Reiki): after 7 Keys of transformation

  • (Shamanic) trance mediumship and Seidr training - 20% discount

  • Shamanic drumming and journeying workshop - 20% discount

How to join?

This course is offered in different shapes and forms:

  • Evening or week-end courses in Geneva, Switzerland

  • 1:1 mentorship or small private group events: in person or online (parts I or II only)

  • 3 or 4 days residential courses (combination of parts I+II or parts III+IV)

Upcoming dates are announced at the top of this page. If you wish to take this course to another corner of this world to share with your community, please reach out to discuss.

Everyone is welcome. Cosmic practices are for absolute beginners, interested practitioners and experienced therapists from any inter-disciplinary back-ground (psychotherapy, kinesiology, mindfulness, TCM, IQM, etc.) alike.

The modules build upon each other, but can also be taken individually - in which case prerequisites apply for parts III & IV. Both require a strong personal practice that includes self-transformation and ‘Know Thyself’.


Contribution includes course fee, material and refreshments. The below prices are for Geneva, Switzerland and can vary for other courses:

  • Foundational practices for everyday life: individual evening CHF30, package of all 4 evenings CHF100

  • Broadening your perception: CHF420 (Sat morning - Sun afternoon); contribution based on your current means is offered, please see below

  • Healing in the multi-verse: CHF630 (Fri evening - Sun afternoon)

  • Keys of transformation: TBD

  • Optional Reiki training and certification:

    • Reiki I-III CHF320 (Sat morning - Sun afternoon)

    • Reiki IV (Fri evening - Sun afternoon) CHF580

Payment installments are possible. Please reach out if you’re interested.

Serving Life’s offer of ‘contribution based on your current means’ applies for the ‘Broadening your perception’ module only. Instead of paying the full contribution upfront, you have the following options:

  • You can make an initial commitment of CHF340 and pay the rest when you can.

  • You pay CHF580 which covers your own full contribution and offers someone else the opportunity to participate too.

Please check the Pricing & Payments policy when taking one of these options.


Course Dates

For residential courses, 1:1 mentorship and more please see the ‘How to join’ section further below.

  • Foundational practices:
    May 1 + 22, June 6 + 20

  • Broadening your perception:
    Sept 21 + 22

  • Healing in the multi-verse:
    Oct 4 (evening), 5 + 6

  • 7 keys of transformation:
    March 2020

  • Reiki certification: TBC

Dates are subject to change.


“Katharina, you are amazing. A gift to the healer’s community. You are clearly skilled at facilitating, reading the signs, and co-creating with Spirit. You work with brilliant authenticity and obvious love for each of us and for the work. You allow the natural flow to take over and are guided by the teachings more than your own ego - a treasured quality in a presenter / teacher in this work. All weekend I kept seeing you as a gem, a rare and beautiful gem.”



Qualia is a safe and sacred space for and a source of community, friendship, fun and growth. It offers a space to energise and balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to share, learn and teach with respect for the individuals and their perceptions. It is located in Pâquis and a 5-10min walk from Geneva Cornavin.

Your guide

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Katharina is the creator of Serving Life and passionate about bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society. By guiding people through their own authentic experiences, she empowers them to transform their lives and businesses.

As an absolutely free spirit, she explores consciousness, the power of life and the potential of being human beyond preconceived ideas, beliefs or life choices.

More about Katharina here.


  • A minimum of 4 participants is needed for the course to take place.

  • Each participant is ultimately responsible for his/her own experience and personal safety during and after the course.

  • A deposit of 30% is required to secure a place.

  • Serving Life’s terms & conditions and pricing & payments policies apply.