Cosmos is a Sacred Space

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Experience sanctity and let it guide you to harmony

Cosmos is the sacred order of the universe. It is the innate, natural structure of all of life - of ‘the whole including all its parts’ (that’s what uni-verse actually means).

The structure of our everyday reality is usually defined by time and space (3D). But we all know that these are just aspects of a reality which goes far beyond. No matter which spiritual or religious tradition we turn to (be it Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, Zen), they all share this ancient wisdom.

So what actually is the sacred structure of life? And how can it be used for healing?

Healing is creating ‘conscious Harmony’ with all your relations

Holistic healing modalities work with energy and vibration. Their essence can be described as “conscious harmony”: universal consciousness (as the inherit force of the universe) constantly creating its own expression (through universal life force) in an ever-changing, harmonious way that is inter-connected and inter-weaving with all around it (the symphony of Life).

This practice focuses on healing in a simple and effective way by working with universal consciousness and life force in sacred space. It is for those who wish to expand and deepen their work beyond protocols and beliefs. Topics covered include:

  • Creating and holding sacred space beyond time and space into unity

  • Exploring the concepts of animism and web of life, polarity and duality, balance and harmony

  • Experiencing sanctity and its creation of harmony

  • Perceiving the innate structure of life and the flow of universal life force energy

  • Experiencing universal consciousness and the song of the universe

  • Witnessing how universal consciousness shifts universal life force and manifests into form and harmony

  • Healing ethics and archetypes (e.g. “wounded healer”, mirroring, projecting)

Becoming conscious and conscious becoming

The universe is also the sacred space for our live’s journey. Being who we truly are is intrinsically linked to becoming conscious: to illuminate (and be aware of) all aspects of our being - the eternal task of ‘Know Thyself’, of exploring and expanding. This is only possible though if we consciously become these aspects: if we live them in body, spirit and soul. Life doesn’t exist as pure consciousness only, it expresses when it manifests into form. Topics explored are:

  • Sacred spaces are spaces of consciousness

  • States of consciousness are sacred states of being