Following the Song of the Wild

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Experience your power and let it bring forth your authenticity

Our own unique power lies in our true, original, untamed Self. From here we are connected to Life, and from here we create our outer reality, the world we live in.

In our everyday lives, we usually cover parts of our Self with layers of habits, stereotypes and masks. We adapt to our surroundings (to society’s rules, to family’s expectations, etc.) by hiding what we deem improper, abnormal or weird about us. So we shackle our power, we neglect our desires, we comply with what goes against our grain - all in the hope of belonging. Not realising that by adapting to something foreign and artificial, we alienate from our inner, authentic Self. And the more we strive to belong, the more we create a reality based on imbalance, shame and suppression.

Self-discovery and self-empowerment

(Re)discovering our power means exploring our inner nature: our hopes and dreams, beliefs and fears, scars and wounds, joy and pleasure, etc. It is the eternal task of ‘Know Thyself’.

This practice shares tools and techniques to:

  • Discover, experience and unleash your raw, untamed power of life

  • Find your own way how to work with your power within yourself and in your outer reality

  • Work with light, shadow and darkness to illuminate all that you are


Utiseta (meaning “sitting out”) is a special form of vision quest in Seidr. It is a ritual way of baring one's soul to the wild, of interacting with nature and all its beings to receive guidance, empowerment and healing.

Leaving civilisation at dusk to wander into the wilderness, the practitioner is guided to find a sacred place in nature. There, his song reaches out to spirit, to the wise ones - offering all that he has and asking for their gifts in return. And life answers his call, flowing through and around him, joining in his song. Once it ends, he slowly returns home, bringing back the wisdom of the wild, forever burning in his soul.


The dark night of the soul is an initiation in many shamanic traditions. It signifies the journey into the darkness of one’s being, into the fertile, rich inner realms. Here we shed our layers, find our essence and dream our future into being. It is a rite of passage from which we emerge reborn, bringing our light into the world and creating new beginnings.