Foundational practices
for everyday life

Almost every day we hear about energy techniques like Reiki, shamanism, quantum healing, or mindfulness,
all aiming to be in harmony with life. Most of them have similar foundational practices which can be
applied in our daily lives for guidance and healing.

This 4-part evening series offers an opportunity to understand (and revisit) the basics of energy work, to build your own tool kit and to integrate it into your daily life. No previous knowledge or experience is required, everyone is welcome to join. Absolute beginners and advanced practitioners alike will find something to pique their curiosity.


What is offered in this course?

The themes below give you an initial idea of the content (which is based on Nature is a Sanctuary and Navigating the Worlds). Foundational practices is part of Serving Life’s course Cosmic practices for living and healing.

Part 1: Laying the foundation

How do I interact with all that is within and around me? 

  • Grounding, connecting and centering oneself in no matter which environment:

    • Guided meditation and visualisation

    • Breathing and chakra balancing

  • Clearing techniques such as smudging, singing bowl, prayer

  • Energy & matter and working with intention

Part 2: Exploring the unseen

What lies behind our everyday perception?

  • Everything is connected through the Web of Life

  • Creating sacred space within oneself, at home or work, for rituals or healing sessions, etc.

  • Different techniques to gently and safely explore altered states of consciousness:

    • Breathing, meditation, visualisation and percussion

    • Working with nature’s forces and cycles, with directions and elements

  • Simple framework for private rituals and community ceremonies

Part 3: Receiving guidance  

How can “what is out there” help me in my everyday life?

  • Body-Spirit-Soul and one’s Higher Self

  • Different ways to connect and interact with spirit guides

  • Techniques and exercises to decipher guidance from within oneself and from the spirit world:

    • Omen and divination

    • Dreaming

Part 4: Everything is energy

How can I jam with it?

  • Natural flow of life force within one’s body and life

  • Maintaining a healthy, vibrant body-mind-spirit

  • Impact of our thoughts and actions:

    • How we unknowingly shape our perception of reality through fears and beliefs

    • How we can explore our consciousness, mind, ego and free will (so-called shadow work)

  • Discovering one’s healing gift

How to join?


All 4 evenings take place at Qualia and start at 19h00, doors open at 18h45.

Part 1: Wednesday, 1st May - re-run on Monday, 13th May Part 2: Wednesday, 22nd May
Part 3: Thursday, 6th June Part 4: Thursday, 20th June

You are welcome to join individual evenings. However, the parts build upon each other and following all 4 will give you a great foundation for your own practice.

REGISTRATION & contribution

Prior registration is required. Please send an email to to sign-up or register via

Contribution for each evening is CHF30, a package of all 4 evenings is CHF100.



Qualia is a safe and sacred space for and a source of community, friendship, fun and growth. It offers a space to energise and balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to share, learn and teach with respect for the individuals and their perceptions. It is located in Pâquis and a 5-10min walk from Geneva Cornavin.


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Katharina is the creator of Serving Life and passionate about bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society. By guiding people through their own authentic experiences, she empowers them to transform their lives and businesses. As an absolutely free spirit, she explores consciousness, the power of life and the potential of being human beyond preconceived ideas, beliefs or life choices.

More about Katharina here.