Nature is our home and
our teacher

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Nature is life itself. Humankind and nature existed in harmony for millennia, we were nourished and guided by nature's wisdom and love - not only physically, but also spiritually. Caught in our busy everyday lives, we are disconnected from this ancient relationship and have forgotten how desperately we need it in our lives.

But times are changing, and slowly but surely we are looking to nature for inspiration again: not only in healing, but in pharmaceuticals, aviation, nutrition, textiles, etc. We are remembering that nature is the oldest creator and has so much to teach us beyond chemical or medical properties. 

Nature provides unique perspectives for the key topics of our time: change, growth, success, worth, collaboration, synergies, balance, evolution, and so on. Once again understanding and applying nature’s wisdom helps us to transform ourselves and the world we live in. 

Remember, how it feels to watch a sunset, letting the last sun rays stream over you and bathe you in their light?
Or to gaze at the stars at night, feeling like all the distant places in the universe are just a heartbeat away?
How it feels to listen to the trees, dance in the rain or lay on the earth, being one with life?

We all know the joy such moments bring, how deeply they touch and nourish our soul. It is time to remember and to live them again - every single moment of our lives. 

 Shamanism is mankind’s most primordial practice

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Shamanic practices and beliefs can be found in every corner of the world - either still alive today, or at the root of many faiths, myths and folk lores. At the core of shamanism is the concept of animism: the knowing that everything is alive and inter-connected - all beings, all natural phenomena, and the universe as a whole.

Shamans use altered states of consciousness to restore harmony - within a being, within a community, between mankind and nature, or wherever else their calling leads them. They facilitate rites of passage and are guides on a path of healing, transformation and wholeness.

Traditionally, shamans are chosen by the spirit world and acknowledged by the (indigenous) community they live in. Shamanic concepts and tools, however, can be learnt and applied in a modern-day society context. They are approachable to everyone who wishes to live a life of harmony and unity.

Serving Life offers workshops and trainings on a wide range of topics from shamanic drumming & journeying to trance mediumship. Have a look here for more information or get in touch.

 Rei-Ki is universal
life force energy

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Rei-Ki literally means universal life force energy. (Re-)discovered in the 1920s by Mikao Usui in Japan, the origins of Reiki reach far back and similar concepts can be found in many spiritual and healing traditions around the world. A Reiki treatment promotes healing for the whole being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It restores a natural flow of life force within the body, environment and life. 

At Serving Life, Reiki is an optional part of the Cosmic practices for living and healing course. The original concept of Reiki goes beyond techniques and degrees. It is a simple, yet profound gateway into transcendental experiences and the exploration of one’s being. Going beyond its use as a gentle healing modality, Reiki training at Serving Life also integrates these aspects through shamanic, mystical and spiritual techniques. More information on the training structure and content can be found here.

 Seidr - Germanic and Norse mysteries

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Mystery Traditions

Every culture, religion or spiritual tradition has its own stories and beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation.

At the heart of every myth and song, of every fairy tale and folk lore lies a mystery - shrouded to be kept alive, hidden to be found by the seekers. This is where wisdom and knowledge are shared and where they illuminate the path to one’s true being.


Seidr is a Germanic and Norse tradition with shamanic, mystery and magic traits that pre-dates the Viking era. It shares its roots with the ancient, earth-based fertility beliefs (e.g. Venus of Willendorf) as well as oracular and prophesy traditions (e.g. Pythia in Delphi, Veleda of Germanic tribes). Nowadays, no one knows for certain how our ancestors performed their rites - but the memory is in our blood and bones, and of course the land remembers them too.

The key elements of Seidr-inspired work are closely linked to shamanism (especially animism, mediumship and vision questing), tantra and ceremonial work. Seidr teaches you how to bring about change in honour of and service to all of life. And it weaves an unbreakable bond between you and the forces of nature.

Serving Life offers personal and group Seidr training. More information can be found here, or please get in touch to discuss.