Living life with joy, ease and passion, as an untameable and authentic expression of oneself. 

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Latest News

  • Qualia, a beautiful space in central Geneva, has become a wonderful host for community events such as drumming circles, meditations, evening circles and week-end workshops. Check it out and like it on facebook to get their latest news :)

  • Together with Kiymet, we’re offering a 4-part evening series at Qualia in May and June, sharing foundational energy practices for everyday life on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Come join us, we’ll have a blast!

  • This years’ summer retreat of the International Center for Spiritual Living will be on the topic of ‘Embracing Change’. It takes place at a beautiful chateau near Geneva from Aug-23 to Aug-25 and will include a workshop as well as a fire ceremony from Serving Life. Go check it out, it’s a wonderful group of people and speakers gathering from all around the world.

  • The early bird offer for the 2-week Amazonian plant medicine retreat in Peru is ending on June-30. Moteloy will welcome a group from all over the world for detox, Ayahuasca ceremonies and plant diets. Places are limited, don’t miss out on the discount!

  • Slots for private sessions are opened for May, June and July. As always, please book through the registration form.

  • Last but not least, have a look at the full program here and at upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events


Foundational practices for everyday life

4 evenings: may 13 & 22, june 6 & 20 @Qualia in Geneva

This 4-part series offers an opportunity to understand (and revisit) the foundations of energy work, to build your own tool kit and to integrate it into your daily life.

No previous knowledge or experience required, everyone is welcome to join.

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Global circle - Online

Sundays: 21h00 to 22h00 CEST - Various dates

The practice of walking the Wheel of the Year (re-)aligns us with nature’s energy as it ebbs and flows through the seasons. It is also a sacred space to explore our own expansion and celebrate life. Bi-weekly online circle around black and full moons.

No previous knowledge or experience required, everyone is welcome to join.

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Embracing change

summer retreat: Aug 23 to Aug 25 near Geneva

Do you wish to experience the joyful, exhilarating, empowering and life-affirming aspect of change? Are you interested in developing your own tool set to thrive with change?  
We drop into a state of connection and natural balance within ourselves and our lives. From here, we experience natural growth and evolution, we discover our triggers, reactions and beliefs linked to sudden change, and we explore the power and expansion of changing in harmony with life.

Be(come) Yourself

4 days intensive: Sept 5 to 8

Find out who you truly are and why everything that happens in your life serves your purpose in Serving Life’s most comprehensive self-evolution course. Be(come) Yourself provides you with a simple framework to explore, heal and transform your body, spirit, soul and being.

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