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Human guides along the Way

  • Kiymet Ozgur, Sabine Pellarin, Áine Atara, Terri Lundquist and Joy Johansson, who explore life with me in so many extraordinary ways (French or English)

  • Steve Judd and Lorna Bevan, who's cosmic insights and coaching are an inspiration and true lifeline (English)

  • Angelika Kotzur and Don Francisco Guerra Tananta, who's guidance and friendship accompany me since many, many years - their healing camp Moteloy in the Amazonian rain forest is my sanctuary, go-to-place for existential crises, and plant medicine school (Spanish & German, English to come)

  • Zulaa, Baata and their friends in Mongolia, who so graciously open their homes, make the most incredible drums, and gift me with insights into my family lineage (English)

  • Annette Høst, co-founder of the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, who first introduced me to Seidr, the practice that finally brought me home (English)

  • Jørgen Erkisson, Northern wise man who's story telling brings the runes, Seidr and Northern cosmology alive (English)

  • Christiana Harle, card-carrying Tuvan shaman, who brought the healing power of songs to another level (English)

  • Caít Brannigan, Bean Feasa and priestess from Ireland, who taught me the treasures of House clearing & Land healing in the Celtic tradition (English)

  • Prem Santoshi, tantrika extraordinnaire, who's passion is just truly enlightening (Spanish & English)

  • Louise Mita, who took me on a spin through the multi-verse from martial arts to quantum healing (English)

  • Durga Holzhauser, creator of a beautiful ashram and soul gatherings in the South of France, and an expert of traditional Chinese Feng Shui (German & English)

  • Jacqueline Teoh, who opened the doors to the Geneva community for me and provided me with a structure to my various spiritual exploitations (English & French)

  • William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center of Reiki, who opened the gates to Stonehenge for us (English)

  • Helmut von Kritzinger, who catered to both my analytical-scientific and esoteric curiosity in my twenties, and who first introduced me to shamanic healing and spiritual life coaching (English & German)


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