Nature is a Sanctuary

Nature is a Sanctuary.jpg

Experience the connection with nature and let it show you who you truly are

Do you want to feel the heartbeat of the earth, pulsing through your body to ignite your power?

Do you long to dance in the rain again - wild, untamed, and free?

Do you miss the whispers of the trees and the gentle brush of the wind?

Do you enjoy the embrace of the forest and wish to dive deeper into its magic? 

Nature is a sanctuary where we find a path to ourselves and the divine. Nature is also our biggest teacher and inspiration, constantly creating and transforming.

This practice explores different ways of connecting, experiencing, interacting and working with nature. It shares how movement, stillness, voice and intuition are easily approachable and joyful ways to join the forces, cycles and seasons of nature again. It is fully geared towards experiencing nature's magic first-hand. The material includes tools to shift awareness, walk the land for omen, as well as learning from trees, elements and directions.

The key elements of this practice are:

natural state of being

  • Being centered and connected

  • Awaken your senses and broaden your perception

  • Thrive with life force

  • Belonging

Web of Life

  • Perceive and connect with the web of life

  • Interact with the divine manifesting in nature

  • Receive guidance and healing

  • Encounter nature and land spirits