Preparing for an event or session


Preparations and follow-up

Please allow for sufficient rest before and after any event or session. Especially after a healing session or transformative event, quietness and integration time are very beneficial. Please take time for yourself and do everything to feel at ease and honor your needs - for example eat healthy, drink lots of water and herbal tea, get sufficient sleep, take long walks in nature, meditate, work out, etc. You know yourself best!

Do observe your dreams, any patterns or topics that come up frequently and anything that feels “out of place”, “profoundly changed” or “completely unknown”. Once you commit to an event or session, the related processes start unfolding and your being knows exactly what you need. The same is true after a session or event: the impact might seem subtle at first or might resonate throughout your life in forms you are (initially) not aware about. Integration is a very personal journey, allow it to unfold for yourself.

Both before and after any event or session, be receptive and committed, take note of the hints your life shows you and don’t worry if your mental hasn’t caught up (yet)!

What to bring

Please wear comfortable clothes so you can sit and lay down with ease (nothing should restrain you) and please bring a jacket & shoes to go outside. Please do not wear your best clothes as you might get sprinkled with water, smudged or come in contact with any other healing properties (like earth or plants).

Bring a notebook and pen and - if you wish - an eye mask or scarf to cover your eyes. If you are called to bring any items that are dear to you (such as crystals, poems, pictures), please do so. If any other material or gear is required, it will be clearly indicated.

What to do

At the beginning of each event, there is sufficient time for introductions. Come whenever you are ready and gently settle into the circle, allowing yourself time to arrive and adjust. If you are rushed or running late, don’t worry - that’s as much part of the journey as early arrival! For some special events doors might close at a specific time to respect the work taking place. If this is the case, it is clearly indicated so you can arrive accordingly. Events usually start and end with a circle to share and discuss.

At the beginning of a session at Serving Life, there is enough time to get acquainted and clarify any questions you might have upfront. If you wish, have a look at the information provided on this website beforehand but please know that this is not required. Coming without any expectations or prior knowledge is a very powerful commitment.

During an event or session you are comfortably lying down in the treatment room, sitting / laying in circle at the venue or in front of your computer at home. Allow your full being to guide your thoughts, words and actions - and to do whatever is needed right here, right now, to fully engage and show up for yourself. Be it to get clarity, to receive healing, to shed some tears, to break free, to embrace a challenge or a new opportunity ahead - whatever it is, everything is exactly as it should be and is witnessed as such. There is no right or wrong, so don’t worry!

You are ultimately responsible for your own healing and expansion - and so is everyone else. In whichever constellation we gather, be it in a group or a one-to-one setting, someone else can always only provide assistance and guidance to you. This might come in absolutely unexpected ways - strange questions out of nowhere, an unexpected connection with someone, a feeling of being lost, overwhelmed or finally accepted and seen. Whatever it is, just remember: treat yourself and others with respect, don’t judge yourself or others, don’t suppress or exaggerate anything rising within you, and above all be true to yourself. This is your date with your being - make of it whatever you choose :)