Pricing & Payment details



We live in a time in which money is a generally accepted form of exchange. But then, there really is no price for healing or self-evolution, is there? A contribution given should always value what each individual receives from the session or event (consciously and unconsciously), as well as remunerate the training, time and service rendered by the practitioner(s). As a gesture to spirit, one’s own self-commitment and the work of the practitioner(s), any contribution is due the latest at the beginning of each event or service.

Contributions are indicated for each event and service. Whenever possible and sensible, discounted packages or sliding scales are offered for long-term commitment and payment installments are available upon request. Please reach out to discuss if you’re interested.

Some courses or workshops also offer different contribution possibilities called “contribution based on your current means”. It is clearly indicated when this applies and signifies that instead of paying the full contribution upfront, you have the following options:

  • You can make an initial commitment and pay the rest when I can. - This is possible for max. 30% of participants.

  • You can pay for your own contribution and offer someone else the opportunity to participate too. - Please note that this is not a “2 for 1” package. It is a community sharing arrangement in which one person’s gesture to pay more than his / her own contribution covers the initial commitment of someone else. Be it in this course, or a subsequent one.

Please note that the way in which you show your commitment to something greatly influences its unfolding. The clearer you make a commitment, the stronger the signal to your being and all of Life to make this happen and to create favorable circumstances in your life.

Bank details

Account holder: Katharina Mohr

Bank: UBS Genève, Suisse


IBAN: CH91 0024 0240 2539 0241 P
(Note: Sometimes the last letter ‘P’ is not required for international bank transfers.)

Reference: Please indicate the event or service (mention for example “course xxx”, “private session”, etc.)


If you prefer PayPal payment that can easily be arranged. Please reach out to make it happen!