Private Sessions


The below sessions illustrate the type of work generally offered. If you have something else in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we talk to make it happen.

Before a private healing or guidance session, please have a look at ‘preparing for a session or event’ under the services tab on this website. Serving Life’s terms & conditions and pricing & payments policies apply, both are outlined in the info tab on this website.


Private Healing session

Such a session addresses the energetic and spiritual aspects of your body, spirit, soul and life conditions. It provides an opportunity for your being to (re)unite and (re)connect with life. Generally speaking, it deals with the most pressing topics by restoring a natural flow of life force and a state of centeredness and intuitive knowing. You do not need to be aware of these topics or have a clear idea why you are coming for the session, as it is always guided by and for your highest good. Ultimately, every healing experience is different and unfolds as and how long it needs to.

During the session you lie down comfortably and relaxed. The work is mostly done on an energetic level, it might also involve light touches, songs, smudging, etc. The areas covered usually include removal of blocked or entangled energy and thought forms as well as retrieval of lost or suppressed life force, vitality and power (covering present, ancestral and past-life aspects). Such a session deeply touches the full being beyond one’s current consciousness, therefore effects might seem subtle at first but resonate deeply throughout one’s life.

Duration: 120min (60min) Contribution: CHF260 (CHF140)
in person or via distance (zoom call) Note: 60min sessions for returning clients only


private guidance session

Receive clarity, insights and inspiration on a specific topic that is currently relevant in your life. Engage in a facilitated dialogue with life itself, your being and guides, providing insights and support for your decision(s). The runes or oracle cards may be consulted to get further perspectives on your topic. Mediumship techniques are used to channel related messages directly for you. 

We connect online via a zoom call so you can see the rune / card spread unfolding during our live discussion.

Duration: 45-60min Contribution: CHF120
Setting: online via zoom call Set: 3 sessions for CHF300

Note: If you are interested in a more comprehensive energetic assessment (for example of a life choice, family or business matter), then head over to Thriving Lives & Businesses and check out flow assessments. A flow assessment sheds light on the (often hidden) energetic relations between stakeholders and topics as well as their drivers. It identifies the reasons of energetic blockages or conflicts, and provides suggestions for their resolution.



Inspiring and equipping creators by bringing nature’s wisdom into modern-day society for life journey and business transformation:

  • Flow assessments (see above)

  • Personalized road-maps and mentoring of transformation journeys (for your current life situation or any private or professional project)

  • Creator toolkit for individuals and transformation & change programs for organizations

Thriving Lives & Businesses offers an array of services including consultations, 1:1 (mentoring) sessions and workshops. All of the services can be customized and tailored to your specific circumstances.


House Clearing & Land Healing                              

Creating a healthy, thriving environment through:

  • Cleansing of old, life-depleting energies, structures and thought forms

  • Healing of any trauma and, if required, transition of any beings or souls

  • Restoring balance to the land and its beings (incl. ley lines, underground water & boundaries)

  • Re-building of the energetic structure and stimulation of a natural flow of energy

  • Mapping of the energy flow and energetic centers within the space (if desired) - also possible online via zoom call

Such a session takes place in your home or on your land. The work is mainly energy based but can entail cleansing through smudge and blessed water (if possible). Upon request, special ceremonies can be conducted to confer with the land before a building project starts, to bless a new home, or to enhance specific characteristics of a space (i.e. commerce or healing). 

Duration: depending on size and environment Contribution: CHF200 per hour
Setting: on-site (travel GE / VD free of charge); prior consultation by phone or email free of charge



There are moments in life that deserve to be celebrated with a special ceremony - a transition, a commitment, a big change or new beginning. A ceremony is a dedicated sacred act that honors and facilitates whichever special moment you are celebrating. If this resonates, please get in touch to discuss.

Then there are times in life when we just wish for someone to hold our hand and accompany us for a while, or to accelerate whichever transformation and expansion we are currently going through. No matter if you are a dedicated individual committed to your own path, or if you are a practitioner looking to deepen your practice, sometimes we just need someone to focus solely on us and our journey.
If Serving Life’s signature practices, courses and trainings resonate with you, but you want or need something fully customized, just reach out and we talk.