Courses, workshops, retreats
and sacred journeys

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Walking the Wheel of the Year (re-)aligns us with nature’s energy as it ebbs and flows through the seasons. It is also a sacred practice to explore our own expansion.


Be(come) Yourself Body-Spirit-Soul-Being

Find out who you are and why everything that happens in your life serves your purpose - and use it to transform.
Modules can be booked individually or as a package.


Cosmic practices for holistic living and healing

Build a personal toolkit: simple everyday tools, advanced healing & transformation techniques and Reiki training. Modules can be booked individually or as a package.


Amazonian plant medicine retreat in Peru

Immerse yourself in the magic and healing space of the Amazonian rain forest and its master plants

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Foundational practices for everyday life

Series of 4 evenings to revisit the basics of energy work, build your own tool kit and integrate it into your daily life.

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Overview of Workshops & Trainings currently not scheduled

From drumming circles to land healing, from Seidr to Reiki, tantric practices and (shamanic) trance mediumship…


Dreaming about…


Plant medicine retreats in Switzerland and Germany

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Celtic, Germanic and Roman sites in Southern Germany


Glastonbury and West Coast of Ireland