Thank you!

Working with all of you is the most rewarding, mind blowing,
humbling and fun way to explore life. Thank you for walking part of the journey together - however long it may be…



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For many, many years I have been searching for the ways and means of connecting with Mother Earth. I search no more. I no longer borrow from other cultures, I now have the rituals and skills to propel myself along in this journey of growth and healing and connecting the worlds. I continue to work and develop the tools I was taught by you. No words can thank you enough.


Katharina, you are amazing. A gift to the healer’s community. You are clearly skilled at facilitating, reading the signs, and co-creating with Spirit. You work with brilliant authenticity and obvious love for each of us and for the work. You allow the natural flow to take over and are guided by the teachings more than your own ego - a treasured quality in a presenter / teacher in this work. All weekend I kept seeing you as a gem, a rare and beautiful gem.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence with us all this past weekend. Your guidance, wisdom, passions and whole being inspired me in so many ways. I will hold this sacred weekend in my heart forever. I have learned so much about myself and my amazing community.



I would like to sincerely thank you from deep in my heart for the lovely online ceremony ‘Embracing the Darkness’. I have to say that each ceremony guided by you and Hildegard von Bingen is so smooth and reachable, it requires only little effort to feel the existence of the magic … The realizations and inspirations were so powerful. One must only experience it.


Thank you for your courage and strength to surrender, to give all of you to the power of nature … There was something infinitely beautiful in you today, a grace that knows no boundaries, a tenderness that cares not who is in front of her, a gentle power that wins over any obstacles. Your face and your body were one expression of raw beauty, harmony and flow of energy.

Plant consciousness healing circle participant

You are a truly awe-inspiring wise woman. Thank you for your trust, knowledge and guidance.