The below workshop and training outlines give a taste how the signature practices can be shared - be it alone, in a private setting or as a public event. The duration and depth can vary depending on needs and interests. Enjoy discovering them and if anything catches your attention, please reach out to discuss. Nothing is more fun than co-creating what we love doing!




Embracing Change: A pathway to growth and transformation

Workshop during the summer retreat of the International Center for Spiritual Living: Aug-23 to Aug-25 near Geneva.

Do you wish to experience the joyful, exhilarating, empowering and life-affirming aspect of change? Are you interested in developing your own tool set to thrive with change?  In this workshop, we drop into a state of connection and natural balance within ourselves and our lives. From here, we experience natural growth and evolution, we discover our triggers, reactions and beliefs linked to sudden change, and we explore the power and expansion of changing in harmony with life.

Land healing.jpg

introduction into House clearing And land healing

House clearing and land healing are still (professionally) practiced in Ireland today and beautifully merge the Celtic tradition with modern-day living. Both practices are also very shamanic, working with space, spirits and energy.

  • Cleansing of old, life-depleting energies, structures and thought forms - key focus of the workshop

  • Healing of any trauma and, if required, transition of any beings or souls

  • Restoring harmony with the land and its beings (incl. ley lines, underground water & boundaries)

  • Re-building the energetic structure, stimulation of a natural flow of energy, invitations and blessings

The next workshop will most likely take place in Geneva in July 2019 on a Saturday. More to come soon…

This workshop aims to provide an introduction into this very diverse body of work. For those interested, Serving Life offers training in a small group / private setting. If you are interested, please get in touch for more information.



Percussion is one of the oldest tools known to mankind to alter states of consciousness and to connect with the spirit world. During this workshop we explore the basics of shamanic drumming and journeying through the spirit world.

  • Basics of shamanic journeying

  • Connecting and working with the spirit of your drum

  • Drumming for healing and as a tool for your own shamanic journey / practice

  • Imbue and bless any new drums (Mongolian tradition)

  • Clarifying any questions you might have and practice, practice, practice...

You do not need a drum (or rhythm or affinity with music) to participate! Next date to be announced soon.


Goddess rising

A circle dedicated to connect from one’s inner nature and to be in ceremony. A space to go beyond the usual “let’s be there for each other” and to leave the melodrama, ego, competition, mistrust and separation behind. A place to speak your innermost truth, to recognise the divinity in other and be recognised as the divine being you are.

Circles can be women only events, exploring and celebrating the feminine essence:

  • Tantric practices to raise energy and ignite (female) power

  • Temple of Life, Maya-Shakti and the divine channel of love

  • Moon tents

  • Western, modern-day mystery traditions and initiation paths

Circles can also be events open to men and women. Creation requires both feminine and masculine energy in their truest forms, and all of us have both within us.

  • Life is created through the Dance of Life, through the alchemy of Yin and Yang

  • Male and female meet in the Temple of Life, beyond separation and suppression

In addition to circle work, Goddess Rising can also be a very personal practice, exploration of feminine power and (initiation) path. Private training is available.

If you are interested in any aspects of this work, please get in touch for more information.




Reiki I-IV

Rei-Ki means universal life force energy. All of Serving Life’s Reiki certificates are recognised by ASCA and cover the International Centre of Reiki (ICRT) course content, including Usui, Tibetan, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki. A classical Usui Japanese Reiki training is organised by teachings:
- Shoden (first teaching)
- Okuden (inner teaching)
- Shinpiden (mystery teaching).

Most common nowadays is the following course structure:
- Reiki I (self-treatment)
- Reiki II (techniques for treating others)
- Reiki III or ART (advanced reiki techniques, incl. master symbol)
- Reiki IV (Reiki master teacher).

Serving Life applies the Reiki I-IV structure for its certificates, but also covers the Japanese Reiki teachings during its workshops.

The original concept of Reiki goes beyond hands-on healing techniques and degrees. It is a simple, yet profound gateway into transcendental experiences and the exploration of one’s being. Reiki unites a way of healing, living and being.
To honor and include these aspects, Reiki training at Serving Life is (an optional) part of the Cosmic practices course. It offers those who wish to deepen their understanding of working with universal life force a well-versed framework and tradition to guide their own practice.

Currently, Reiki I-IV is not taught to groups outside of the Cosmic practices course. Private Reiki training, however, can be arranged upon request. If you are interested, please get in touch for more information.

Embodying Spirit.jpg

(Shamanic) trance mediumship

Shamans use altered states of consciousness to restore harmony. Trance mediumship builds on a strong personal relationship with ones spirit guides and brings their energy, power and wisdom into a healing session through techniques such as:
- Channeling
- Co-consciousness
- (Physical) Embodiment

Trance mediumship is a deeply fulfilling, humbling and sacred practice. It is often done as a community service to offer guidance and healing. Check the community events for examples of this work.

Serving Life offers personal and group training. If you are interested, please get in touch for more information.

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Seidr is a Germanic and Norse tradition with shamanic, mystery and magic traits pre-dates the Viking era that shares its roots with the ancient, earth-based fertility beliefs as well as oracular and prophesy traditions.

Key elements of Seidr are working with song, staff and (high) seat. It can be practiced solitary, or as a group.

Performing a Seidr-inspired ceremony feels like standing in a swelling river, becoming one with life. Gathering all the energy given to you (e.g. wisdom of the earth, clarity of the stars), the power rises to a peak and then imbues your reality, changing it forever.

Seidr teaches you how to bring about change in honour of all of life. And it weaves an unbreakable bond between you and the forces of nature.

Serving Life offers personal and group training. If you are interested, please get in touch for more information.